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  • Direct-to-Garment T-shirt Printing in 2021

    Direct-to-Garment T-shirt Printing in 2021

    Note: Originally written in 2021 on another platform but never published. I’m somewhat of a t-shirt geek so I’ve been curious for some time to see how the direct-to-garment (DTG) printing process had progressed in the last few years. (The last time I seriously looked into digitally printed t-shirts, I had to buy iron-on sheets,…

  • Hakoworks (ハコワークス) Coworking Space

    Hakoworks (ハコワークス) Coworking Space

    I work remotely from home Tuesday through Saturday, 5:00am – 2:00pm Japan Time (to overlap a few hours a day with my coworkers on the West Coast of the US). While I’m grateful for this luxury, I sometimes like to get out of the home to clear my head with a walk/commute, and to encourage…